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Choosing the Best Thread for Your Sewing Project

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The thread is one of the most important things that you have to put your attention to for any of your sewing projects. Whether it is by machine or by hand, a thread is very important. We have to be very particular about the type of thread that we are using since each type of thread has their own use and benefits.

Choosing the perfect thread is a big deal and can affect the success of your project. It would be best if you can also check out a guide to types of thread since thread will come in different varieties of fibers, sizes as well as quality. For you to be able to produce strong seams, you need to choose wisely.

The Specialty Threads

You might already be aware of the most common type of threads; the synthetic, silk and cotton threads. So here are the specialty threads that you should also know of. Learning about this special threads might be very helpful in your sewing projects.

  • Heavy-Duty Threads. These threads are very strong and very coarse which are usually a size 40 or even thicker. This can be cotton, polyester or a blend of the two. This is the best choice for upholstery-weight fabrics which are used for home decorating projects like the couch cushions or window shades. This can also be used for denim and backpacks.
  • Button and Craft Threads. These threads are strong and thick. These are commonly used to sew on buttons by hand. These are also used for topstitching as well as soft sculpture sewing.
  • Invisible Threads. These are intended for the threads to be invisible, of course! These are soft and light and are also available in polyester or nylon. You can also choose from different sheen levels. These threads are used to sew garment labels or multi-colored bindings. These are also used for tapes and patches.

  • Nylon Threads. These are synthetic fiber threads which are preferred for its length and flexibility. Its lightweight, smooth and very useful in sewing light to medium weight synthetic fabrics like suede cloth, faux fur, fleece, and so much more.
  • Metallic Threads. If you want to create exciting needlework and crafts, this is the best for decorative stitching.

Choosing the appropriate thread for your sewing project is very important. Every sewing project may require a different thread, so it is very important to understand the uses of each thread that you use. Remember that its success will always depend on the materials that you use. Never settle for less. Always choose the best threads.

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