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Choose the Best Styling Colors for Spring and Summer ’17
Choose the Best Styling Colors for Spring and Summer

Choose the Best Styling Colors for Spring and Summer ’17

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Do you know that fashion editors, stylists, and many others are interested in spring and summer? Well, it’s said to be fundamentally optimistic seasons that can make anyone go super-duper and you can spin-around-the-closet to update your wardrobe with a new collection.

If you want to experiment with bright colors to uplift your mood then stick to the usual combos gray with navy and camel with black. These color and fabrications add a huge number of pair that helps to give a great unexpected and fresh look.

Here are some color combinations to get a rock and roll look for spring / summer 2017:

The spring / summer ‘17 color mixtures are brighter than never before with powerful colors, like pink frog greens, zesty orange, and sunshine yellow shades. Styling rule comes with the color that gives the option to wear a lot.

Hot pink and purple

Bright purple and magenta color combination normally everyone loves to avoid because it’s too loud. The recent spring / summer ’17 collection displayed took a serious striking and showed the excellent way to blow the ‘80s trend back in action. If you want to add an aqua splash to the color mixture then try mix and match with the colors.

Styling Colors for Spring and Summer '17

Forest green and rose-colored

Dazzling pink or rose-colored shades with a combination of forest green might sound awkward, but when a pink shade cardi paired with dark green culottes looks stunning.

Orange and red

Colors of sunset, red and orange could be everyone’s favorite during spring and summer and looks fabulous when paired. Don’t wait for the weather to turn, and you start to mix the hues for the perfect combination.

Khaki and yellow hues

The return of cargo pants of khaki color gives a cool look for spring and it could be some of your favorite ways to set the trend using the utilitarian green hue paired with the canary yellow cut-out sleeve sweater.

Dusky pink and tomato red hues

Some say to keep the red and pink separate traditionally, but deep tomato red paired with the dusky pink hues looks classy and elegant and styling experts say that it’s a workwear color palette during spring / summer.

Azure and scarlet

The color mash-up that everyone wants to implement it right away is two shades of blue that goes with the pop of bright red hues and a crimson sock will be a right combination to get a trendy look for spring / summer ’17.

Striped colors

New York Fashion Week featured graphic colors that were brilliantly textured with bold and bright colors with the jolt of energy. They also displayed some shades of rainbow colors for the spring / summer ’17 with the combination of primary colors and polished black.

Fashion trends back from 90’s

The spring / summer ’17 trends were successfully executed at New York Fashion Week, which displayed the coming soon trends with vast 90’s fashioned style. However, some styles that were in the high peak of a fashion trend in 2016, like Vetements-style hoodies, off-the-shoulder styles are still in fashion list.

These styles aren’t nearly omnipresent this time, but there is plenty of athleisure’s influence that has made the brands to regain its identity. That could be on-shoulder pieces, slouchy, skimpy bra tops, and much more.

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