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DOTA 2: How to Play Crystal Maiden

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So you’ve just clicked on the dota 2 mmr boosting button, and now it just finished installing on your computer. Now, you’re looking at the hero select screen as you choose which would be the first character you want to practice with to get better. As your eyes gaze upon the introductions of each hero, your attention and interest suddenly turn to a female magic user with a staff donning a blue coat.

The next thing you know, you click on her icon and you’re now going to play as the Crystal Maiden in DOTA 2. While she does look enchanting whenever she casts her icy spells, it doesn’t mean that you should just throw magic in every direction without thinking about your mana pool. If you want to learn more about how to play this DOTA 2 hero, then you’ve come to the right place.

Use Crystal Nova to Bring Vision

Crystal Nova is more than just an AOE spell, you can use it even when there are no enemies nearby. If you use it on one part of your immediate vicinity that’s shrouded with the fog of war, then always remember that this spell will always grant 7 seconds of vision to that area whenever it’s used. This spell also has two parts to the vision it creates. The first part is found at the center of the spell near the circle, and this is called the unobstructed vision area. In other words, everything in that area is visible, even though there is debris like trees that may block your sight. After the unobstructed vision comes to the obstructed vision, and this is the area that extends further from this particular  AOE spell. This obstructed area is like putting a lesser version of the observer ward since it has a shorter vision and duration radius.

Use Frostbite Against Blinking Character 

If you have a problem with blinking characters suddenly initiating a ganking session unto you, then practice using Frostbite against them as soon as they blink at you. You can even use Frostbite to stop characters with the Blink ability from teleporting away from you. However, it cannot stop blink strike skills like the one found on Rikimaru.

Use Arcane Aura on the Aggressive

DOTA 2 is and always will be a game based on team effort, and Crystal Maiden has one skill that can benefit the entire team when they’re nearby – the Arcane Aura. It increases MP regen so that your entire team can use their skills more often. So if your entire team has more MP to burn, then the more chances of laying waste to the opposing team.

Remember, all of Crystal Maiden’s skills and strategies are nothing without proper implementation. So it’s high time for you to get practicing to become a master of this DOTA 2 hero.

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  • November 18, 2017

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