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A closer look into the eyes

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Our eyes are probably one of the most important body parts that we have since most of what we do; we depend on our sense of sight. Our eyesight plays a huge role in our day to day lives and we must take good care of it for us to see well. One thing about eyesight though, is that as we continue to age, it also continues to degrade, that is why we enlist the use of eye glasses and contact lenses to assist us in seeing better.

Our eyesight not only degrades as we age, but with continued use for long periods may stress it and will eventually lead to complications. If we ever experience such, then it might be time to go visit an optometrist to get it checked out. Usually these people use vision screenings as a preliminary test and then finally an eye microscope to further diagnose the problem.

What are these eye microscopes that you speak of?

Basically they are microscopes that are designed for your eyes; your regular microscope doesn’t function well for your eyes… at all. Since your ayes are very sensitive organs, especially when doing diagnosis on them, the eye doctors need a specific tool that will do its job.

When do I need to have an eye exam and why?

It is suggested that you have an extensive eye exam yearly to monitor you eyesight. Aside from that, if ever you are experiencing problems with your eyesight like blurriness, constant headaches and such, then it’s most probably time to go see an eye specialist to help you take the necessary steps needed in correcting them, glasses. Optometrists will put your eyes under a microscope to determine the cause of your problems as well as vision tests to determine the grade for your eye glass lenses, if ever you need to have one.

What happens during the eye examination?

Usually the attending physician will examine your eyes both inside and outside to determine any underlying medical problems that can’t be seen directly. You will then undergo a series of exams to test your vision before determining whether you need to get glasses or contact lenses (your choice).

We depend on our eyesight a lot so we must also learn to take care of it. Getting regular check-ups whether to address eyesight issues or to check if we need new prescription glasses or not are pretty important in maintaining good eyesight.

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  • September 5, 2017

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