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Show the Unconditional Care to Your Bones

Show the Unconditional Care to Your Bones

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Do you know the human body is made up of 206 bones? Yes, bones are the significant component that helps to support your physique and muscular body. Your bone health is extremely important because it provides a frame to your body and also protects the vital organ, heart. Bones are also responsible for producing blood, which is used by the body.

Imagine absence of bones in your body, you would collapse every time and couldn’t run your hands back and forth while walking. You couldn’t have tapped your chest without sternum (breastbone), which is responsible for protecting the underneath structure of lungs and heart. Vertebrae or spinal cord supports to stand upright and protects the nervous system.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

Protecting your bone is highly important because if any part of a bone is broken it can lead to fractures and weakens the surrounding bones and this condition is called osteoporosis. It might increase the bone breaking risk and results in a decrease of bone density. This is due to deficiency of vitamin D and calcium includes genetic history, sedentary lifestyle, and history of rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoporosis is likely to occur in women at the age of 40 or 50 after they attain menopause. This condition decreases the bone density and strength, which results in flimsy bones and leads to an abnormal porous bone that’s compressible just like a scrubber.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

In the initial stage there will be no signs of bone loss, but when your bones are weakened by the osteoporosis then you can notice some changes, such as back pain, a bone fracture that might happen easily without your notice, and stooped posture.

If you went through early menopausal transition than expected, make sure you discuss osteoporosis or if you have a history of fractures.

What can cause osteoporosis?

There are many factors that are associated to increase the chances to develop osteoporosis, such as age, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, lack of calcium in the diet, and treatment like chemotherapy.

Change in hormone levels

Osteoporosis is common in people that include excessive quantity of little amount of hormones in the body. An excess amount of thyroid hormones might be one of the causes of bone loss and it can take place if the thyroid hormones are hyperactive in your body. Sometimes, the hormone medications to treat the underactive thyroid hormones could be the reason.

During menopause, the decrease in sex hormones such as, reduction of estrogen level in women could be the strongest reason to develop osteoporosis. Women are likely to experience osteoporosis earlier than men.

Change in hormone levels

Diet factors

Osteoporosis is more prone to people who have:

Restricting certain intake of nutritious food that has a good amount of calcium, it’s responsible for bone health and lack of calcium can be a reason for osteoporosis development. Less intake of calcium results to weaken bone density and increased risk of bone fractures.

If you have undergone a gastrointestinal surgery then there could be chances where your stomach muscles have lost the ability to absorb the essential nutrients, like calcium.

Change in lifestyle can help to stay healthier.

Sedentary lifestyle might increase the development of osteoporosis. Lack of physical activity has a greater chance of osteoporosis. According to the research reports, regular consumption of alcohol can put in risk of osteoporosis. Make sure you keep an eye on your alcohol intake to reduce the chances of osteoporosis development.

Follow some tips to promote your body to maintain good posture, like a 30-minute walk or run, jumping, weightlifting seems to extremely beneficial.

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