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Cut down carbs and bloat with green drinks in just a week

Cut down carbs and bloat with green drinks in just a week

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Green drinks are generally prepared from green powders which are made from green plants. These provide unprocessed carbs and are super healthy. In addition, they are helpful for all the bodily functions, from metabolism, absorption, assimilation to excretion. Thus, regular consumption of these green drinks not only helps you in enhanced digestive process but it also helps you lead a healthier life.

No more bloating with green drinks

Bloating happens when there is sodium as well as water retention in the body. This is what happens when your diet is not healthy. Bad carbohydrates usually enter our body through processed foods and so do excess sodium. Our body does require sodium but in minor quantities. Anything in excess is harmful. If the bloating can be prevented, you can lose a huge portion of your weight. There are many people who weigh extra pounds mainly due to bloating.

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The only solution is to have changes in your diet. Have a fistful of whey powder for proteins, healthy fats in the form of seeds and nuts, and good carbohydrates through green drinks.

Lose at least 5 pounds easily

Consume green drinks daily but minimize intake of sodium. Avoid bad carbs but include more of good carbs in your diet. Avoid junk and processed food completely. Eat fresh and eat well.  Avoid white sugar in every way. Avoid sweet coffee or anything with sugar in it.  Almost all tinned food contains sugar in them, from jam to bread. Say goodbye to ice cream and muffins for some time.

Include whole grains, raw vegetables and different green drinks in your diet. You will be surprised to find how soon the bloating disappears and how you easily lose at least 5 pounds in just a week.

Do this regularly, and you will not only find that you are losing weight but your health also improves substantially for good.

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  • September 10, 2017

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