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How To Make Custom Made Guitar

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So when you have your own specifications and tastes then you would want to go in for a custom made version. The ready to buy won’t suffice your creative freedom and and do it yourself kits are for a single prototype of a guitar. When you can choose and pick the parts of your dream guitar, why compromise but customise.

People have their fanciful needs when they buy guitars and the professionals will be very particular about the ones they own and want to buy. The beginners will limit their choices to the ones that are easy to assemble and keep the tonality for long. Guitars which are custom made may need a little more precision and time as the specifications will be a bit more complicated and the parts may not be belong to a particular brand. If it is an electric guitar than it is easier as most the parts are interchangeable unlike the acoustic one.

Electric custom made guitar

The electric custom made guitar has the liberty of not getting the intonation wrong while setting up the guitar but for an acoustic one, there is every chance of setting it wrong during the building up process. The right electronic set up with placing the wires and ports in the right places will give you the right intonation and sound production.

Though you may not at good at assembling things or with the tools, but you should have a good musicality in you to set the pitching tone right. As the guitar assembly is not for a beginner who is learning music but for person who has a fair knowledge of music and can know whether how much tightening of the strings is required, the distance of the strings of the bridges will affect the sound produced etc.

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  • September 3, 2017

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