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Choosing a proper alignment and right posture for meditation is very essential. Since, these help to support your physical needs and comforts. Thus, you can sit in comfortable posture and meditate for long periods of time. Why do you think, thinks like yoga mats, meditation pillows or yoga blocks have been devised? Human body has been designed in a unique way. It is neither flat nor curved. We are flexible and stiff too. Our body posture changes periodically, either with age or depending on the posture that we take for long span of time. Thus, you might see many desk-job people tend to have slouched shoulders, since they have stooped posture for long span of time. Hence, while practising mental peace like meditation, it is vital to maintain body comforts first.

Meditation Cushions Online

Common Meditation Postures:

While performing meditation practise, the common meditation practises are full lotus pose, half lotus pose or cross legged pose, kneeling pose, chair sitting pose, shava-asana or corpse pose. The ability to remain intact, in concentrated position is known as a common principle for meditation. Thus, in order to maintain that posture, you might require the external support. While performing meditation in a sitting posture, maintaining the right alignment is very crucial. It takes strong foundation to perform a lotus or half lotus poses. The spine should be erect or straight, with the back at the lower part of your body curved in and the back at the upper part must be curved out lightly. The posture should appear in the shape of “S – curve”. This alignment provides utmost benefit for excelling in the practise of meditation. According to the yoga scholars, they say that this alignment naturally supports one’s body and reduces stress.

There are many types of meditation cushions available in the market. You can order them online too. We describe few varieties of cushions:

  • Zafu Meditation Cushion: It is the traditional variety of cushion. It contains round pleated cushion which helps to raise your hips and upper body. Your legs can rest comfortably and your thigh can slope down. This posture causes your hips to roll forward and create natural curve in your spine.
  • Cosmic cushion: this cushion is a variation to the Zafu cushion. It is in the form of fortune cookie shape. It has extended sides which support thighs and the heel cut out design allows the heels and ankles to be in position.
  • Rectangular cushion: It is a simple solution which provides proper alignment. The cushion has straight edges and help with positioning of your heels.
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