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The ultimate destinations for all shopaholics

The ultimate destinations for all shopaholics

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Shopping is something which is liked by most of the people and shopaholics are constantly looking for amazing places to fulfill their shopping desires. There are some cities in the world, which  deliver the  best  shopping experiences and caters to all your fashion needs. Experts in fashion did an overall evaluation and came up with four cities which are the paradise for all the shopping lovers. The parameter taken into consideration before deciding were quality of public transportation, affordability, the average prices, availability of big brands, range of options etc.

New York; the city which tops the list is none other than the “Gotham’s city “. In no other city you will see young kids walking around in high fashion clothing and perfectly matching shoes with it other than New York. The diversity of fashion makes it a home for the world’s top most designers. There are a number of vintage jewel shops available which sell precious gems which are unique to New York.


There are pieces available from every possible era predicting the entire history and evolution of the fashion. There are number of design houses available here including Galanos, Dior, Givenchy, Pierre Cardin, Ossie Clark, and more

Tokyo; if you want to experience the luxurious shopping experience then Tokyo is the place for you. Whether it is a departmental store or a grand luxury mall, the royal treatment you will witness the royal treatment everywhere. Global chain Isetan has its humongous flagship stores in Shinjuku which are stretched up to 2 blocks, consisting of 8 buildings. Yes, it three times bigger that our idea of a big mall. The malls of Tokyo have English, Chinese and Korean-speaking staff and there is team of separate shopping consultants which give you the suggestion when you are in doubt. The malls of the Tokyo have a wide range of food available which consist of French pastries and variety of sushi collection. The best part about the Tokyo’s shopping is also pretty affordable, and comes to Asia’s fourth-cheapest shopping.

Kuala lampur; you must be wondering that Kuala lampur is a surprise amonst all other destination but to your surprise kauala lampur has three of the world’s largest mall in the world. Utama the fourth largest mall in the world, situated here, has more than 650 shops. Apart from that it has Asia’s largest indoor rock climbing facility, an amazing rooftop garden with number of species of exotic plants and an indoor rainforest. Kaula lampur certainly knows how to enhance your shopping experience and make it a memorable one. KL’s impressive has an outstanding combination of upscale brands and some really affordable shops. The sales of are amazing which can last up to seven months.


Dubai; United Arab Emirates the malls of dubai are like a vast never ending kingdom. The Dubai  Mall is the world’s largest mall in area and has various other source of entertainment in the malls itself like  theme parks, a waterfall, beautiful   fountains, ice skating rinks which are as big as the Olympic ones , aquariums and many more.

The extravagance of the Dubai malls are hard to believe and to top of that the Mall of the Emirates has the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East .The Dubai Mall also hosts the annual Dubai Shopping Festival which is something to not miss out. The festival is lavish with firecrackers, gift packages and up to seventy percent off on clothing, gadgets and other items.

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