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What makesthe best in 2017? Read to find out

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 What makes the best mattresses of 2017? Let’s not go down to the techy stuff and focus on what matters to people. It doesn’t matter if the technology used made the mattress a good one the importance is what ordinary people think of that item based on their standards (if it’s indeed good enough).

The definition of the best is mostly subjective and in here we will tackle the most common ones that make people buy or won’t buy that mattress, so let’s go! In no particular order:

Smell: mattresses do smell not because of some organic material that was accidentally spilled or dropped into it but chemical smells made from the very material it was made to. We can understand that any products smells like it just came out of a factory but if the smell is really strong it becomes too bad that it makes sleep uncomfortable. That makes all the things that made that mattress comfortable to uncomfortable. Even if your mattress is very plush if there is a strong odor in it that people wouldn’t want to use it still won’t pass as being the best.

Price: Mostly a deal breaker to some people because they can’t buy the mattress that they want because of a price that only rock stars, celebrities, hip-hop artists, and athletes can afford. The price has to be reasonable. Now we may understand if the mattress will cost $50.000 if that mattress was used and directly endorsed by the rich and famous but if not it’s not worth the buy even if it’s a revolutionary material.

Comfort: the most important of all is how it feels, the comfort level that can easily put a person that just gulped 10 espresso shots in a single day sleep like they never slept for years in an instant! It might be exaggerated but don’t you think we all wish for that to happen? It might be over the top but the comfort level should be balanced that it gives you the ability to move around and be comfortable in every possible position you can think of doing while sleeping. 

Durability: If you bought a mattress at a $5000 price point but it only lasted you 3 months that isn’t a very good investment. A good mattress should have the best durability because let’s face it mattresses aren’t just for sleeping and lying down, people also sit on a particular area and even kids jump all over a mattress. If it can last more than what you expect it to be despite the constant beating of its material and still feels good then you got yourself a good quality and reliable mattress.

What tells us in all of this is the balance of everything mentioned above. You need to have a perfect balance on all of these materials. Be a smart buyer and do your research, don’t just buy what you see or what the sales people tell you because at the end of the day you will be the one who will use it and not them.

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